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There is a power in nature that man has ignored
and the result has been heartache and pain.

ShamanBox was born from a love of nature's botanical treasure. Inspired by the Shaman's journey of traditional and ethnobotanical roots.
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Shaman Box provides handcrafted, small batch, wild botanical products while nurturing an active stewardship of wilderness bioregions. We hike the Western Mountains, Forests, Coastlines and traverse the SW Sonoran Dessert to bring you special botanical delights.
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We formulate and package wilderness botanical products including essential oils, extracts, perfumes, floral waters and herbal formulas. We distill and extract fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, and tree trimmings that we harvest on the trail.
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All of our products are small batch, they hold the spirit of the wild places they come from. We love being out in nature and on the trail. Nothing smells better than the wilderness and we bring this beauty and wholesomeness to your home. Every Shaman Box product has a harvest batch number. Unlike synthetic extracts, our herbal products are extracted from real, native-plant sources.

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